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Ramadan: Man Flogged 40 Lashes For Eating Mango In Jigawa




Ramadan: Man Flogged 40 Lashes For Eating Mango In Jigawa

A 20-year-old man identified as Ibrahim Ismail, was flogged 40 lashes for eating a mango fruit during Ramadan in Jigawa state, northern Nigeria.

Naija News learned that Ismail was tried at an upper Shariah court in Ringim Local Government Area of Jigawa State and was found guilty of eating during the Islamic holy month.

Safiyanu Ya’u, the presiding judge, ordered that the victim should be flogged 40 times in a market square to served as a deterrent to others

This online news platform understands that the said the action of the victim contravenes section 370 of penal code law of Jigawa State.

It was learned that Ismail was earlier arrested and prosecuted by the state Hisbah board (also known as the Sharia police) for eating a mango while other healthy Muslims are observing the Ramadan fast.

Ismail received the flogging at Ringim market square after a court official read before the public the ‘offence’ committed by Mr Ismail.

The court official stated: “the offender will receive forty lashes for eating mango in public as ordered by the judge.”

“People should witness the flogging and help count the lashes,” the official said.

Like many states in Northern Nigeria, Jigawa, uses the penal code which takes a lot from the Islamic Shariah law.
There are also Shariah courts and judges in the Northern states to implement the law.

Meanwhile, Muslim adults who are healthy, are expected to fast from dawn to dusk during the 30 days of Ramadan.

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