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Atiku Vs Buhari: Name PDP Members Plotting Buhari's Overthrow - Sowunmi Tells FG



Atiku To Buhari: Review SARS Activities, Weed Out Rogue Elements

Segu Sowunmi, a spokesperson for Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, has told the President Muhammadu Buhari administration to name leaders of the opposition it accused of promoting crisis and acts of treason against the nation.

In an open letter which he addressed to the federal government on Sunday, Sowunmi said if the government failed to name the suspected opposition leaders, it would imply that the administration was a victim of "a Frustration-Aggression-Displacement Theory."

He explained that the theory posits that a person frustrated by not being able to accomplish a task usually misdirects his or grievances against wrong persons.

Sowunmi said instead of directing his (Buhari) grievances against those charged with the responsibilities of doing a job, the President chose to direct them at the PDP.

Showunmi said, "I would never know why, but I wish to tell you that the narrative about the opposition being responsible for security crisis and treason coming in one press release is extremely dangerous to the country, to opposition elements, but most especially, to you and your reputation!

"That is a line that they ought not to cross. I want to suggest that the right approach would be to name specific individuals that credible intelligence fingers in this.

"We have, as Nigerians, enough challenges at nation-building that we do not need to rip the country in halves."

Sowunmi said the result of the February 23 elections "as presented presently" showed that Nigeria was "truly divided, a division that runs through the tribal cleavages, the religious tendencies, the social classifications".

Atiku's aide added, "As if the latter's comments are not unfortunate enough, one just needs to look at the other organisations within the executive like the EFCC and ICPC, among others, to become curious as to how come, suddenly, under your watch, the main victims of their activities are opposition figures and persons perceived to be close to them."

Sowunmi accused the present administration of being fixated on alleged corrupt opposition figures but failing to hold its officials involved in corruption and abuse of office accountable.

He said inasmuch as he wished Buhari bequeathed a corruption-free country to Nigerians "it is embarrassing to give the impression that none of those in cahoot with you and your government are guilty, if not more, of the same corrupt enrichment and abuse of office that your agents seem so fixated on.

"The impression every discerning Nigerian gets is that your anti-corruption torch light mainly exposes the main figures of the opposition as the only ones deep in this national malaise."

Source: Naija News