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24-Year-Old Woman Narrates How She Was Gang-Raped By Her Friends



child rape on the increase in India

A 24-year-old woman (name withheld) yesterday told an Ikeja Sexual Offences and Domestic Violence Court that two drop-outs of a private university in Ogun State, Don-Chima George, 25, and Olusegun Rasak, 28 drugged and gang-raped her at a hotel in Lekki, Lagos.

Both accused are facing charges on alleged rape by the Lagos state government before Justice Abiola Soladoye.
According to the woman, she was invited by her friend, George to Kabaal Nightclub, Ikoyi

She said she hesitated at first, but later agreed based on his insistence, and for the fact that it won’t be the first time she would be going out with him as a friend.

She said they were at the De-Lankaster Hotel with another friend of George, Segun Razak, with whom they left for the club.

She told the court that they were at the club till the early hours of the next day when she decided to go home and informed George about her decision.

While at the Kabaal Nightclub, she said she drank a glass of Hennessey and Coca-cola which was given to her by her friend, adding the drink was the only one she had and that she stayed back, watching a movie on her phone when she suddenly blacked out and did not recollect anything.

Her words: “I felt drunk but I knew I shouldn’t because I did not drink enough to make me drunk. I felt weak and I could feel hands grabbing me and I could also hear a voice in the room, which I knew to be George’s and I felt Segun on top of me having sex with me.

“Segun had dreadlocks and I felt his dreadlocks on my body. I remember trying to push him off as he was touching my breasts and I could feel another pair of hands on my thighs.”

The survivor said she passed out and that when she became a bit conscious again, she could feel somebody inserting his fingers into her private part.

The victim said she later found herself being penetrated the second time and believed it was George doing it.

She said she woke up around 7a.m., the next day but was in a confused state of mind. However, because her vagina was sore, she knew that she had been raped.

The witness said she left the hotel in tears and confusion and was traumatized.

Justice Soladoye adjourned the case until June 13 for the continuation of trial.

Source: Naija News