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Exposed! How Gov Dickson Used His ADC To Snub Jonathan


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The embattled Governor of Bayelsa State, Henry Dickson has denied reports that he snubbed former President Goodluck Jonathan.

However, updated information available to 247ureports indicates the Governor had told a lie in his effort to respond to the aforementioned report.

According to available information, Dickson – who was partnering with the Ali Modu Sherrif faction of the People Democratic Party (PDP) – had aligned himself with political partners believed to be anti-Jonathan.

And has since been working head on to ensure the former President is relegated to the sidelines of all political activities in Bayelsa State.

Governor Dickson’s effort remains an open secret in Bayelsa State.

In his response to reports he snubbed Jonathan, he denied he had snubbed the former President.

But available data suggests otherwise. During the run-up to the 2019 National assembly elections, Dr Goodluck Jonathan was not consulted or briefed concerning all of the national assembly seats including the representative representing his home town.

The same scenario played out during the period leading up the state assembly elections.

Governor Dickson bulldozed the former President neatly out of the way.

When the former President made efforts to reach the Governor through the phone – in his character as a gentleman – the Governor handed the phone to his ADC instructing him to tell the former President that he is busy now and cannot talk to him at the moment. “He should call back later”.

The former President made other attempts but was rebuffed by Governor Dickson.

Interested parties conversant of the ongoing disrespect by the Bayelsa Governor had also made attempts to “talk sense” to the Governor to recall he was made Governor almost singlehandedly by the efforts of Jonathan against the battle waged by the then incumbent Governor, Timipre Sylva.

And that the former President had always according to him the breathing space to govern the state without interference but Governor Dickson remained unrelenting.

In light of the upcoming gubernatorial elections dated for November 20, 2019, Governor Dickson cunningly took the decision to hold local government/councillorship elections. He announced the elections will be conducted July 2019.

A source close to the seat of government in Yenogua revealed that Dickson’s intention over holding the elections is to corner the available delegate votes against the upcoming gubernatorial primaries within the PDP.

His intention is to place the local government chairmen and councillors in seats in time for the supposed primary election. This is estimated to garner up to 300 delegate votes.

Interestingly, none of the aspirants for the LGA/Councilors were mentioned or discussed with the supposed national leader of the party.

This is including the LGA chairman of the former President local government area.