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Ramadan: Best Food And Fruits To Eat During Fasting



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What To Eat During Ramadan

Muslims are expected to stay away from eating and drinking from sunrise to sunset during the holy month of Ramadan as they observe their fast.

Fasting during Ramadan is one of the pillars of Islam and every eligible adult is expected to fully participate in the exercise.

As earlier reported by Naija News, the Sultan of Sokoto, announced the sighting of the moon on Sunday night, signalling the commencement of the fast in Nigeria on Monday, 6th May.

There is the need to eat right and maintain a balanced diet even during the period of fasting.

Pre-dawn meal

Drink enough water to avoid getting thirsty during the fast.

Suhoor (the pre-dawn meal) should encompass a wholesome meal that provides long-lasting energy throughout the day. Foods that provide long-lasting energy are complex carbohydrates and high-fibre foods.

Complex carbohydrates are foods that are rich in energy but release this energy slowly throughout the day. Examples include wholewheat, oats, beans, and rice.

Foods that are rich in fibre and are also digested slowly include fruits (raw and unpeeled) and vegetables.

Also, don’t forget the all-important fluids as they maintain water and salt levels in the body. Water and fluids with vitamins – like fresh fruit juices. – should replace caffeinated drinks.

Caffeinated drinks like tea and coffee should be minimized as they promote faster water loss through urination, which can lead to dehydration.

Post-dusk meal

It is customary for Muslims to break their fast – Iftar (the post-dusk meal) – with dates and water. This helps restore sugar and salt levels in the body. It also rehydrates the body.

The benefits of dates are:

Easy to digest
Decrease the feeling of hunger, preventing one from overeating
Prepare the stomach to receive food after many hours of fasting
Rich in sugar and energy, restoring nutrients in the body
Prevent constipation as a result of altered meal times

Food to avoid during this period includes – fried samosas, fried chicken, fried spring rolls and fried potato chips.

Others are high sugar and high-fat foods.

As alternatives, food such as baked samosas, baked spring rolls, oven baked potato chips
“Dry frying” – using a non-stick pan or non-stick food sprays, grilled or baked meat, chicken, fish can be adopted.

Generally, health 24 reports that balanced food and fluid intake is important between the fasting periods.

In order to prevent muscle breakdown, meals must contain adequate levels of energy-rich foods, including carbohydrates and a portion of fat. Hence a balanced diet with ample quantities of nutrients, salts and water is vital.

Source: Naija News

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