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Woman Chops Off Hubby’s Manhood During Fight



A Zimbabwean man almost lost his manhood to a fight between him and his wife.

The man nearly wished his manhood goodbye after his wife grabbed it, and drove her teets around his penis with the aim of chopping it off during a fight that ensued between them.

Although, the cause of their fight was not made known to Naija News but a source revealed that the marriage of the couple had since been experiencing troubles.

The wife of the victimized man was said to have deserted her husband as they were constantly having issues living together in the house.

Just recently, the wife had left home over an argument but returned home to settle the rift between them before another fight that almost claimed the manhood of the man ensued.

“The couple had been having problems over infidelity. Ngamula used to accuse his wife of seeing other men in the area while he was in South Africa. Last week an argument arose over house keys,” said a family insider.

The source went on to say at the height of the argument his wife punched him on the face, grabbed his genitals and twisted them.

She sunk her teeth into his privates.

“She bit off the penis’ forehead and a large portion of foreskin got removed. He was rushed to Beitbridge hospital where he’s receiving treatment,” said the source.

A nurse who requested strict anonymity said some veins of the manhood were partially damaged although the nurse went ahead to assure that he would not have erectile dysfunction.

Source: Naija News

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