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Ahmed Lawan Reveals What He Will Do To Buhari If He Becomes Senate President


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Lawan Speaks On 9th NASS Relationship With The Executive

Senate Leader and a major contender for the seat of Senate President in the 9th National Assembly, Senator Ahmed Lawan, has disclosed that lawmakers shouldn’t be a rubber stamp for the whims of the executive.

According to him, if he becomes Senate President, he might have to disagree with President Muhammadu Buhari on some issues, “but would find ways of resolving any difference in record time for the interest of all Nigerians.”

He said this in an interview with Ayodele Adio of The Avalon Daily as quoted by The Nation.

Senator Lawan added during the interview that better funding should be made available to the Police as well as broad reforms in carrying out its operations so as to serve the people better.

Lawan argued that “he is convinced that the police need to be reformed and better funded”.

Speaking further in the interview, on the relationship between the executive and the legislative arm of government, Naija News understands Senator Lawan submitted that “I don’t believe in quarrels or a rancorous relationship with the executive when the two arms of government are expected to serve the people. I want to get things done and will work closely with the executive to achieve a lot”.

Responding to a question on the independence of the Senate, Lawan responded: “my understanding of the separation of powers is not that we are independent of each other, my understanding of independence is in the specialization of our functions”.

He, however, rejected claims that the legislature will always agree to every submission of the executive arm of government.

“We will disagree where necessary but will find ways of resolving any differences in the interest of all Nigerians. The budget, for instance, will be passed in reasonable time with little rancor as that will help the entire country plan appropriately. I am aiming for a January to December budget cycle should I be elected Senate President,” Lawan submitted.

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