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APC Chieftain, Eze Reacts To Wike’s Victory In Rivers State


A chieftain of the All Progressives Congress in Rivers State, Eze Chukwuemeka Eze, on Thursday reacted to the victory of Nyesom Wike in the Governorship election in the state.

Eze in his reaction called on the Governor of Rivers State not to rejoice yet because the results that were declared by the Independent National Electoral Commission was “an illegality that will not stand a legal test.”

In a statement that was signed and released by Eze, he stated that aside the, “fact that the results collated by the INEC had been grossly manipulated in favour of Governor Wike, to allegedly justify the huge bribe sum he had remitted to some senior officers of the commission to help him skew the processes to his favour.”

He called on Governor Wike and the Senator representing the Rivers South-East senatorial district of the state, Senator Magnus Abe, to “stop celebrating prematurely as the alleged concocted results in favour of PDP would eventually not sail,”.

He further stated that the “people of Rivers state spoke overwhelmingly against the reign of an administration, which had robbed of peace, security and development, the choice which would eventually be upheld in a properly held polls soon.”

“The ongoing declaration of concocted results of the highly corrupted general elections of March 9th is a high-class entertainment exercise that has nothing to do with democracy in any form.”

“However, if it has anything to do with democracy, then one will describe it as a charade, sham and promotion of impunity and undemocratic plot, aimed at rubbishing and subverting the electoral rights of Rivers state and her people, who voted massively for a better tomorrow by electing Engr. Biokpomabo Awara of African Action Congress (AAC).”

Eze encouraged Nigerians to disregard the alleged “concocted results that are being dished by a confused INEC to justify their corrupt nature and deceive the public but the fact remains that INEC at this time around have caught themselves in a trap that will change the fate of democracy in Nigeria.”

“INEC having admitted in paragraph one of her 10th of March, Press Release that it has conducted elections on the 9th of March in Rivers State and based on this fact INEC must by virtue of section 27 of the Electoral Act, announce the results but they decided to postpone the already held elections which according to the law is ultra vires, illegal and unconstitutional.”

“This fact of unlawful decision by INEC will surely be challenged in court by virtue of section 26 subsection 5 of the Electoral Act which shall lead to the suspension of the concocted results so far announced until the matter is determined so I sincerely sympathize with those celebrating an illegal process that will be thrown to the dustbin where it rightly belong.”

“The INEC are fully aware of the illegality of their action but must see to its planned conclusion to justify the huge amount of money made available to them by the father Christmas outgoing Governor of Rivers State, Chief Nyesom Wike. If they have the moral grounds to continue collation of results in Rivers state, having waited for 3 weeks and for alleging in their suspension letter that their officials were abducted, so who was responsible for the collation of the results they claimed to have in their vault and currently announcing?”

“The actions of INEC, particularly the activities of its Rivers REC, Obo Effanga, should not have surprised anybody, as we have on several occasions, alerted Nigerians that for INEC for no reason, have suspended the collation of results of the 9th March polls, when its benefactor was losing woefully, in order to embark on the alteration of the results. If not for the reason of altering these results in favour of Governor Nyesom Wike, how did INEC manufacture the 19 local government areas results it said that she presented to the world when it stated that the election was marred by violence.”

“Apart from the unconstitutional declaration of results after the mandatory 21days as contained in the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, coupled with the fact that INEC kept in her custody the result sheets of the Rivers state polls, against the Electoral Law that stipulates that election results should be kept in the custody of CBN, what INEC has succeeded to achieve in its present illegality is to justify the billions of naira that Governor Wike may have paid to some of her staff, knowing very well that this illegality will not stand the test of time.”

“I am shocked that Governor Wike and Senator Abe are dancing naked over a result, which as lawyers they know that this exercise is one in futility as the election will not only be cancelled and repeated, but Wike will surely not be the Rivers state Governor in the next dispensation. So the celebration over an illegal exercise demonstrates the disdain that these two have for democracy and people of Rivers state,” Eze said.

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