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Breakdown Of Governorship Election Results For APC, PDP In 26 States



APC tackles PDP

Naija News has obtained a breakdown of the governorship election results scored by candidates the All Progressives Congress (APC), Nigeria’s ruling party and that of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Nigeria’s main opposition party in the just concluded elections.

This online news platform understands that the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) conducted the governorship elections March 9 and supplementary elections March 23, which thereafter produced the winners.

A breakdown of the results from the 26 states, shows that APC won in fifteen (15) states while PDP emerged the winner in eleven (11) states.

Meanwhile, results from three states, which include Adamawa, Bauchi and Rivers are still outstanding.

While results from Adamawa and Bauchi are being held due to court orders, the electoral umpire is yet to collate Rivers election results.

Here is how APC and PDP performed in the last election.

1. ABIA APC: 99,574PDP: 261,127 PDP (INEC-certified)
2. ADAMAWA *APC: 334, 995*PDP: 367, 471

*ADC: 113, 205

3. AKWA IBOM APC: 171, 978PDP: 519, 712 PDP (INEC-Certified)
4. BAUCHI *APC: 465,453
*PDP: 469,512
5. BENUE APC: 345155PDP: 434473 PDP (INEC-certified)
6. BORNO APC: 1,175,440PDP: 66,115 APC (INEC-certified)
7. CROSS RIVER APC: 131,161PDP: 381,484 PDP (INEC-certified)
8. DELTA APC: 215,938PDP: 925,274 PDP (INEC-certified)
9. EBONYI APC: 81,703PDP: 393,043 PDP (INEC-certified)
10. ENUGU APC:  99,574PDP:  449,935 PDP (INEC-certified)
11. GOMBE APC: 364,179PDP: 222,868 APC (INEC-certified)
12. IMO AA: 190,360APC: 96,458

PDP: 273,404

PDP (INEC-certified)
13. JIGAWA APC: 810, 933PDP: 288, 356 APC (INEC-certified)
14. KADUNA APC: 1,045,427PDP: 814,168 APC (INEC-certified)
15. KANO APC: 1,033,695PDP: 1,024,713 APC (INEC-certified)
16. KATSINA APC: 1,178,864PDP: 488,621 APC (INEC-certified)
17. KEBBI APC: 673,717PDP: 106,633 APC (INEC-certified)
18. KWARA APC: 331,546PDP: 114,754 APC (INEC-certified)
19. LAGOS APC: 739,445PDP: 206,501 APC (INEC-certified)
20. NASARAWA APC: 327,229PDP: 184,281 APC (INEC-certified)
21. NIGER APC: 526,412PDP: 298,065 APC (INEC-certified)
22. OGUN APC: 241,670APM:  222,153 APC (INEC-Certified)
23. OYO APC: 357, 982PDP: 515, 621 PDP (INEC-Certified)
24. PLATEAU APC: 562,109PDP: 559,437 APC (INEC-Certified)
25. RIVERS Election suspended
26. SOKOTO APC: 511,660PDP: 512,002 PDP (INEC-Certified)
27. TARABA APC: 362,735PDP: 520,433 PDP (INEC-Certified)
28. YOBE APC: 444,013PDP: 95,703 APC (INEC-Certified)
29. ZAMFARA APC: 534,541PDP: 189,452 APC (INEC-Certified)

Source: Naija News