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Lere Olayinka Attacks Gov. El-Rufai Refers To Him As ‘Short Man Devil’


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The spokesman to the former Governor of Ekiti State governor, Ayodele Fayose, lere Olayinka, and the Governor of Kaduna State, Nasir El-Rufai have resumed to exchange of words over the governor’s alleged motor accident.

Olayinka in a statement had earlier claimed that the Governor’s driver died on the scene of the accident while the governor was in a critical condition.

El-Rufai in his reaction to the statement that he is in coma, stated that the news about his driver’s death was false. He wrote;

“UPDATE: I woke up after a rare 8-hour bout of deep sleep to learn that some bigotry-driven, PDP-affiliated fake news platform has declared my driver dead and my humble self in coma. Both claims are false.”

“I thank them for reducing the days in their lives and adding them to mine. I remain their permanent nightmare and not about to disappear from their wretched and corrupt lives any time soon by the Grace of Almighty Allah, until they are permanently retired and buried. – Nasir @elrufai.”

Lere Olayinka in his statement on Tuesday called on the governor to enjoy his deep sleep as the state will enjoy peace for another 48 hours.

The reaction came in respect to the governor’s responds to Olayinka’s earlier tweet, asking the whereabouts of the governor after nine people were killed by unknown gunmen at Nandu Gbok community in Sanga Local Government Area of Kaduna, and he is yet to visit the community.

“Six days after he announced his 8 hours deep sleep, he has not been seen in public. Where is Gov El-Rufai? Is he still sleeping?”

El-Rufai in his response asked Olayinka: “Why not check graveyard or the intensive care unit you took us? Have you heard of delegation in management? Educated illiterates are legion on Twitter!”

Reacting to the tweet Olayinka wrote: “The person using this handle on behalf of that Short-Man-Devil of Kaduna should remember to tell him to continue with his deep sleep so that the peace being enjoyed in the State in the last two days can continue.”

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