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New Zealand Killings: Nigerian Eye-Witness Speaks On How He Escaped



Imam Speaks On Attack And How He Escaped

An Imam with origin from Nigeria, Lateef Alabi is one of the survivors of the attack on two New Zealand mosques and he has explained how he escaped death.

Naija News recalls that Forty-nine (49) people lost their lives while many were injured after a gunman identified as Brenton Tarrant invaded two mosques in New Zealand city of Christchurch on Friday.

Alabi, a leader in the Linwood mosque, said he was in the middle of his prayer when he heard gunshots.

The Nigerian said he stopped his prayer immediately and peeped out through the window where he saw an armed man “heavily dressed”.

Alabi told everyone inside to get down and before he knew it, dead bodies were already lying on the floor.

According to him, the gunman dropped his gun when he ran out of bullets.

Then, he and a fellow worshiper followed the shooter as he left the mosque.

The other man, he said, picked up the machine gun and smashed it into the gunman’s car windscreen.

“He shot one brother coming towards the mosque; he shot him from the head. I stopped my prayer, I peeped through the window, and I saw the person with a machine gun, heavily dressed. By the time I looked on the ground and saw dead bodies I thought this is something else, this is a terrorist,” Alabi said.

“I started picking up the bodies to know who was dead and who was alive. I never thought this would happen in New Zealand, never, never, never, believe me.”

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