Yorubas Vs Igbos: Who Will Fix The Piano? By Amaso Jack | Nigeria News
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Yorubas Vs Igbos: Who Will Fix The Piano? By Amaso Jack


Yorubas Vs Igbos: Who Will Fix The Piano? By Amaso Jack

One track minds…..oil and water can mix so can Yorubas and Igbos!

But a strange generation of one track minds has arisen between them.

Yes! Awolowo and M. I Okpara formed a political party called UPGA!

The same Politics that is tearing them apart is what Opara and Awolowo used to build a piano.
Oil and water can mix!

Amala and Yello Garri are no enemies!
Sadly these one track minds only smell the offensive smelling Akpu.

Just the way they are disgusted by the blackness of Amala and together they sing the cacophony of
arrested development!

They forget Awolowo sat with Okpara and didn’t smell the Akpu but was interested in the colour!

That M. I. Opara sat with Awolowo and was not put off by the sight of his Amala, but loved itself

Together, both men built a political piano called UPGA and played the most beautiful political
symphony ever!

Then disaster struck!
Awolowo was thrown in prison, and for the sacrifice of his friend M. I OPARA he chose PRISON over liberty, Awo not Mandela was the first to do it!

Across the Niger M. I. OPARA responded he refused to go into the ELECTIONS while his friend Awolowo was in prison, he could easily have been the point man, the Prime Minister but he paid back Awolowo’s sacrifice of bondage with a boycott!

If Awolowo chose to be in prison for the cause he wouldn’t go for ELECTIONS without him!

Today that keyboard of 1963, lies in ruins, by a senseless generation who lack history!

If the old friends should see what the absence of history has done to their keyboard they would weep.

Awolowo the great has a been betrayed by his very own
Opara the great has a been betrayed by his very own
….I schooled in the East and in the West and there is one track minded Igbos just as there is one
track minded Yorubas.

The one question I ask is of the over 5million Igbo and 5 million Yoruba these one track minds have not met more than 500, and form an option based on a pre-biased mindset, that becomes the glasses through which they look at over 5 million they have never encountered from a biased mind, that has only perhaps met 50!

Who will fix the keyboard?

The truth is, these one track minded Igbos and Yorubas are 56 clear years behind the mutual genius of
Awolowo and Okpara.

There yet remains a question to be answered

….Who will fix the PIANO?

An opinion piece by Amaso Jack. Jack is a political strategist and analyst, he lectures at Nigerian Institute of Journalism, Lagos State.

The opinions expressed in this article are solely those of the author and not of Naija News.

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