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Sexual Abuse Allegation Against Michael Jackson Is All About Money – Marlon Jackson



The family of late POP singer, Michael Jackson in a recent interview with CBS has defended his legacy.

The family spoke against the claims that the legend was involved in sexual abuse in the upcoming docuseries Leaving Neverland, set to air Sunday on HBO.

“I grew up in it, so for me, it wasn’t odd,” said his nephew Taj Jackson to Gayle King about Jackson’s “sleepovers” with children. “You know, I think, to the outside world, yes, I think it can be odd. I mean, I’m not oblivious to what it sounds like. But when you’re actually there in that atmosphere and you’re around it, and you’re watching movies with his kids, whether it’s Little Rascals or Three Stooges, and you’re watching these things, it’s like, it’s very innocent.”

“But I think the fault on my uncle was he just, he didn’t have that bone in his body to look at it the other way. And I think that was the thing, is that his naiveté was his downfall in a way.”

Michael had been accused by Wade Robson and James Safechuck of molesting them over the course of years, despite the fact that both have sworn under oath in previous circumstances that he did not sexually abuse them.

Robson in his statement stated that the abuse started when he was 7, while Safechuck, a former child dancer with Jackson, says it began when he was 10.

Michael’s estate sued HBO and Time Warner over the film, alleging it breached a non-disparagement clause dating back from a former contract.

Jacksons family have reacted to the allegations.

“I know my brother, he’s my little brother. I know my brother. He’s not like that,” said Michael’s older brother Jackie Jackson. And Marlon Jackson added that doesn’t need to see the film because “I trust my attorney.”

Members of the Jackson family also claim that accusers Robson and Safechuck are making allegations now against the “Thriller” singer because they are looking for a payout. “It’s all about the money,” Marlon tells King.

“It’s always been about money. I hate to say it when it’s my uncle, it’s almost like they see a blank check,” Taj added. “These people … felt that they’re owed something. You know, instead of working for something, they blame everything on my uncle.”

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