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See What Alibaba Says About His Greatest Valentine’s Gift



Alibaba reacts to man who called him stingy

February 14 is a special day for everyone in Nigeria and beyond the country. Being a season of love, it is not uncommon to see people celebrating the day with fanfare, bright colors and loads of gift.

However, for comedian Ali Baba, today is a double celebration. Coupled with Valentine’s day festivity, the entertainer’s daughter is also celebrating her birthday.

Hence, Ali Baba focused on celebrating his daughter whom he regards as his Valentine’s gift. The pretty little girl named Valerie (in alignment with the season she was born) is now 11 years.

To mark her birthday, Ali Baba did a photo shoot with her. In a red T-shirt, he posed with his daughter who was equally looking lovely in a red striped blouse.

The festive air was even made more colorful with balloons, a cake and lots of father-daughter love.

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Happy birthday to #Vavavoom.

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