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#2019: Why NASS Members Should Work On Part-Time Basis And Be Paid Less – Santos



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Candidate Advocates Reduction In Lawmakers’ Earnings

The Green Party of Nigeria (GPN) senatorial candidate, Santos Ayuba Tangshak, has asked that members of the National Assembly should do their job on a part-time basis, while also stating that the huge sum of money given to the National Assembly legislators as running cost should be cut down.

According to Santos “The National Assembly should be on a part-time basis, that has been my argument. Your salary as a lawmaker should be personal to you; personal in the sense that if as a professional, you earn a kobo, your salary should move with you.”The truth about it is that, if we have solved most of the problems of Nigeria, then you see a play out.

“Look at the number of days the National Assembly seats, those who don’t attend sittings should not be paid their sitting allowance, for as long as there is a leader of Senate.

“And not until we begin to tell ourselves the truth, we will not get them where we are supposed to be.

“The part-time status I’m talking about, yes allowances can follow you, but as it is, up till now, you and I know, that nobody knows how much a National Assembly lawmaker is paid.

The GPN chieftain who is seeking to replace Senator Joshua Dariye who has been convicted of financial misappropriation said, “The closest I got to know about their earnings was when SERAP did an analysis on our own Senator Joshua Dariye, where they put in N13.5 million and they calculated over N80 million for six months as running cost, that name running cost must be retired in terms of transparency and accountability.

“How can they give you a running cost and you can’t retire it? He asked.

“And you don’t have a constituency office, that is also a window of corruption.

“My educational focus would be redefining and adding value to representation by making constituents appreciate the power of knowledge and utilization of the global space at all levels through networking that will add value to the constituency”, he maintained.

Source: Naija News

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