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Kid Buu Denies Assaulting Blac Chyna In Hawaii



Landlord accuses Blac Chyna of owing house rent

Kid Buu, the boyfriend to American entrepreneur, Blac Chyna, has denied the allegation that he assaulted her despite the report from police who were at their hotel room.

Recall that Naija News reported that Chyna and Buu got into a violent altercation while vacationing in Hawaii, which led to their break up.

According to TMZ, the lovers who stayed at the Ritz-Carlton in Honolulu at around 5 am got into an argument that turned physical after.

Buu later took to IG to seemingly address the incident, writing: “I wish I could travel time and erase the day that I met you.”

Now, the aspiring rapper has denied it all in his Instagram Story. “Every single body out there that are honestly feeding into this s**t and finding all these bulls**t entertaining—all these lies—thinking they’re cool and funny, you’re sad,” he said in an Instagram Live broadcast. “[…] My mom raised me better than that. I would never put my hands on a woman—never have I, never will I, ever in my f**kin’ life.”

“We livin’ in a good world. We honestly are. But everybody believes we live in a f**ked up world because all you guys wanna talk about is the negative […] Stop with that, for real. Stop with that, and leave me out of it,” he slammed those who claimed that a fight did happen.

Watch his video here.

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