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Over 30 Million Children Are Out Of School In Africa – Okorocha



Rochas Okorocha, Imo state governor has noted that over 30 million children are currently out of school in Africa

This, Okorocha said while speaking with newsmen in Owerri, through his Chief Press Secretary, Sam Onwuemeodo, when the Deputy Prime Minister of Lesotho, Hon. Monyane Moleleki, visited him at government House.
According to him, 95% percent of the ‘neglected’ children in Rochas foundation college are Nigerians.

According to the release, “Rochas Foundation has been a story that has been on for over 20 years, and it’s my spiritual contractional agreement with my Creator when I said, God bless me that I may bless others, honour me that I may honour others, give me that I may share with those who do not have, because I know on my own I can do nothing but I can do all things through God that giveth me the strength”.

“It has been a very interesting story. Perhaps the one that has made so much impact is the Rochas Foundation College of Africa. But before this Rochas Foundation College of Africa,

He statistically said that, “we have had over twenty thousand children, 95% of them are Nigerians and these are the rejected and neglected Children from motherless homes and those who wouldn’t have gone to School if not for the help of Rochas Foundation.

“Today, I’m proud to be the father of so many Engineers and Doctors, Lawyers and other professionals who have graduated from Rochas Foundation Colleges.

“We have about 4,000 students who have graduated from School who are now Lawyers, Police Officers, Custom Officers and State Security Services Personnel and so on. I have a lot of Children. So, I’m in competition with father Abraham and I’m happy to do so.

“But Rochas Foundation College of Africa came out of concern, to say the least. The story of Africa is not a very delightful one. Whether East or West or North Africa or South Africa and what have you. The story of Africa has been that of poverty.

“It’s just like our name is synonymous with poverty. But I have the believe that out of this poverty story, will the greatness of Africa emerges in the future, maybe in our time or maybe not in our time. So Rochas Foundation College of Africa is futuristic, looking at the future when most of us will not be here.”

The release also pointed out that, “This is our little effort. It is like a little drop of water in an ocean of ignorance. We have over 30 million Children out of School in Africa and the number is growing in geometric progression.

“So Rochas Foundation College is our little contribution towards solving the Africa’s tomorrow’s problem. So, you are welcome into this partnership and let’s see whether we can build this Africa of our Collective dreams and aspirations.”

It quoted the Deputy Prime Minister of Lesotho, Hon. Montane Moleleki, saying that, “We have a foundation named after myself and my wife and from our humble resources we are trying to do something in a much humbler scale that you are doing on this ground.

“We have a saying in our country which translates that a river grows big from small tributaries. So, I’m humbled and I seek your permission Your Excellency to be allowed to consider myself a tributary to the great river that you have started 20 years ago.”

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