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Use Your Security Votes Allowances To Pay 30,000 Naira Minimum Wage, Group Tells Nigerian Governors



Minimum Wage

The Organization for Global Youths Peace Empowerment And Development Initiative (OGYPEDI) has advised the Nigeria governors to imeditatetly sacrifice their security votes allowances for the interest of the poor Civil Servants in Nigeria who can no longer survive as a result of high cost of living in the country.

The Governors can pay the 30,000 naira minimum wage if they decides to, i will advise them to sacrifice their security votes allowance. 
The group who gave the advise yesterday in Edo State through its Membership Coordinator Mr Ayobami Ijidele said it is really pathetic to hear our governors saying they cant afford 30,000 naira minimum wage.

The Nigeria Labour Congress is demanding for workers instead of our Governors to do everything possible to ensure NLC demands are meant there resulted into excuses that are not cogent, if we must progress as a nation everyone of us must pay a supreme sacrifice which we will advise the Nigeria Governors to do by sacrificing their security votes allowances for the implementation of the 30,000 minimum wage NLC is demanding for Civil servants in the country.