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CR7 scores twice and secures Juventus’ win in the last game of the year



Cristiano Ronaldo wins Italian League With Juve
Cristiano Ronaldo scored two more goals with the shirt of the Old Lady

Old Lady won by 2 to 1, in a match marked by the VAR

Juventus ended 2018 with another win for the Italian Championship. In a duel valid for the 19th round held on Saturday morning, the Old Lady received Sampdoria at Juventus Stadium and ended up winning the match by 2 to 1 in a confrontation marked by the VAR.

The home team opened the scoring in the first minute of the game with Cristiano Ronaldo showing all their quality to clear the scoring and finish beautiful goal. Sampdoria’s draw came in the first half with Quagliarella pounding. In the second stage, however, the Portuguese ace guaranteed the result by converting one more penalty in the match.

As the game started to slip away for Saponara, the manager decided to change the tactical approach. However, the move was reviewed by the VAR and ended up being canceled, saving the home team from suffering the tie.

With the three points the Old Lady reaches the 53 points and now cheers for the results of the sequence of the round to reach in 2019 with 12 points ahead of second placed Napoli. Sampdoria are hoping to stay in fifth place, as they will continue with 29 points.

The game -The match had the best start possible for the Juventus team. In the first minute of play, Dybala made a beautiful launch to find Cristiano Ronaldo in the left wing of the area. The Portuguese dominated, cleared the mark and finished firmly in the right corner to open the score.

The goal early in the game made Sampdoria a more aggressive team than expected. So much so that the next chances of danger were all in favor of the visiting team. At 17 minutes, Praet received in the entrance of the area and almost did not tie with a shot put.

In the 28th minute, Juve’s defense faltered in a free kick from the opponent and it was not enough to tie the tie because Brazilian Alex Sandro saved the team on the line. However, the referee was warned that there was an irregularity at the start of the play and scored the penalty after consulting the VAR. In the charge, the experienced Quagliarella did not waste and equalized the marker.

The draw woke up the home team again for the match. 41 minutes into the game, Mandzukic needed a breakthrough on Cristiano Ronaldo’s cross. In the last set of the first step defender Chiellini rose more than everyone else and scared the opponent’s goalkeeper, but the ball went out.

In the second half, the pressure of the home team was even greater. After 13 minutes, Cristiano Ronaldo sent a free kick in high over the penalty box. The ball looked to have taken a deflection on the way in, but he’s claiming it!

Two minutes later, the VAR came back into action and helped the referee identify a touch of the defender’s hand and score the penalty for the home team. On the charge, Cristiano Ronaldo released the foot and gave again the advantage in the score for Juventus.

The return of Juventus at the front of the score did not change much the panorama of the match. More dangerous in the attack, Juventus was closer to reach the third goal than to take the tie. After 34 minutes, Cristiano Ronaldo made his way through the middle and nonchalantly placed the ball out of the keeper’s reach,

When the game seemed decided, goalkeeper Perin missed the ball and ended up handing the ball to the opposing team. Saponara took advantage of the bobeada to hit a beautiful shot to tie the match in increments. However, the move was eventually reviewed by the VAR, which was fired for the third time in the game, and was eventually nullified by impediment.