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Are you in search of how to sell amazon gift card for Naira instantly at best rates? We know the best platform. The name is Read along.

A lot of amazon gift card buyers are online and offline claiming to offer the best amazon gift card trading service, but how do you know the best? It is confusing. Finding the best site to exchange amazon gift card for Naira is however, not as difficult as you think. There are specific characteristics such a platform must possess before you consider it the best. Here are some of these traits;

Properties Of A Good Site To Sell Amazon Gift Cards in Nigeria

  • Trustworthiness
  • Prompt Response
  • Instant Payment
  • Convenient Trading Experience
  • Good Amazon Gift Card Rate

Be that as it may, you no longer have to start looking for a site that has all these features. We know the exact platform that meets these criteria and more.

The most recommended website to sell amazon card for bitcoin or naira is

What Is Cardtonic

Cardtonic  is a gift card trading platform where users can easily sell amazon gift card. Not just amazon, you can also trade iTunes gift card, steam card, walmart gift card, googleplay card, sephora gift card, jcpenny gift card and others, for Naira.

Guide To Exchange Amazon Gift Card For Naira on Cardtonic

To exchange amazon gift card for naira in Nigeria is getting quite popular by the day. This is because a lot of Nigerians are now adopting the act of buy products from, which leads them to need to sell and buy amazon gift cards.

However, some often want to convert amazon gift card to cash by selling it off, this is where Cardtonic comes in.

Types Of Amazon Gift Cards Acceptable:

  1. Amazon Gift Card (Cash Receipt)
  2. Amazon Gift Card (Debit Receipt)
  3. Amazon Gift Card (No Receipt)
  4. Amazon Gift Card Ecodes
  5. Big single $200-$500 Amazon Gift Cards (Any Receipt)
  6. EURO Amazon Gift Cards (Germany, Austria, France)
  7. UK Amazon Gift Card (GBP Pounds)
  8. Canda Amazon Gift Card (CAD)

Types Amazon Gift Cards Not Acceptable:

  • Mexican Amazon Card
  • Indian Amazon Gift Card
  • Asia Amazon card
  • Used Amazon Gift Card (Already redeemed to another account)

Why Cardtonic Is The Best Site to Convert Amazon Gift Card To Naira

Listed below are some of the many reasons why Cardtonic is the best amazon gift card buyer in Nigeria.

1. Flexible & Fast Payment

Which other gift card trading site will pay you within 5 minutes. Speed is better than that of paxful and afrbtc by far. Trading on cardtonic takes nothing more than 5 minutes on average and instant credit alert reflection is guaranteed.

All you have to do is upload your unused amazon gift card, wait for verification and get paid instantly.

2. Easy and Secure Transaction

Leaving aside fast payment, trading amazon gfit card on cardtonic is easy and secure. No fear of rippers or getting ripped, no fear of getting blocked and zero scam level.

All transactions are dealt with honest, dignity and integrity.

3. Fast Response and Availability

Every message gets instant repose and availability is almost 24 hours. Which implies that cardtonic is always available for trading at whatever hour of the day.

Now that you are satisfied with the hype given to cardtonic, there’s one question on your mind, how can you sell your amazon gift card and get paid in naira on cardtonic?

How To Redeem Amazon Gift Cards In Nigeria

Trading on Cardtonic takes only 5 easy steps. They include;

Step #1: Logon to;

Step #2: Or message cardtonic on Whatsapp (07060502770), this option is faster.

Step #3:  Ask and confirm amazon gift card rates

Step #4: Send amazon gift card that has  not been redeemed before

Step #5: Wait for verification and get paid within 5 minutes

How Much Is Amazon Card Rates On Cardtonic

Due to the fact that the amazon gift cards are directly used by cardtonic themselves, they offer one of the best amazon rates in Nigeria. So if you are asking questions like how much is $100 amazon card to Nigeria, how much is $100 amazon gift card to naira, how much is $50 amazon card in nigeria, cardtonic got interesting rates for you.

Right now, a $100 amazon gift card with cash receipt goes for 27,000 naira on Cardtonic. But amazon card rates are not constant, they vary every time. Always verify current amazon gift rates when trading with the platform.

What Other Gift Card Can I Sell On Cardtonic:

Apart from amazon gift cardst, cardtonic service extends beyond only that. You can also sell;

  • Sell Sephora Gift Card In Nigeria
  • Sell Google Play Gift Card In Nigeria
  • Sell Walmart Gift Card In Nigeria
  • Sell PlayStation Gift Card In Nigeria
  • Sell Steam Wallet Gift Card In Nigeria
  • Sell Target Gift Card In Nigeria
  • Sell Gift Card In Nigeria
  • Sell Jcpenny Gift Card In Nigeria

Wrapping Up

Selling amazon gift card online is a risky venture. Loads of scammers are littered everywhere to rip you off your card.

Therefore, it is better to trade with a buyer that you can trust, cardtonic is one. Aside from being trustworthy, Cardtonic offers one of the best rates in the business. The platform is user-friendly, and transactions are quick and secure.

Are you ready to sell amazon gift card for Naira? Contact cardtonic today;


Call: 07060502770

WhatsApp: 07060502770

Olawale Adeniyi Journalist | Content Writer | Proofreader and Editor.