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Shiites Counter Allegations That It Plans To Disrupt Maulud Procession



Claims by an Islamic organization that there are plans by the Islamic Movement Of Nigeria, IMN also known as Shiites to use the annual Maulud processions to cause mayhem, has been countered by the Shiites

The Islamic organization also called on the Tariqa Sufi groups to distant themselves from the Shiites during the Maulud festivities.

However the Islamic Movement in Nigeria has claimed that the allegations are mischievous, unfounded and unrealistic.

The sect claimed that it is a deliberate attempt to blackmail the Islamic Movement to further instigate the security agents to engage in their usual extra judicial killings.

According to IMN, “We therefore have no reason to believe that this year’s event will be any different, let alone result to chaos as insinuated by the mischievous group.

“However, there are reports reaching us that some infiltrators dressed in black attires will be sent to join our Maulud processions ostensibly to foment trouble. This is not the first time such attempts have been made and we have successfully repelled such machinations and Insha Allah, this plot will also fail.

“We hereby declare to the general public that as always our processions shall be peaceful and will continue to be. Last month we held mourning processions for the vicious killing of Imam Husain (AS), the Grandson of Prophet Muhammad (S), but this month the processions are for the commemoration of the birth of the Prophet (SAWA) himself.

“The mischievous group has no business advising the Tariqa Sufi orders to distance themselves from us, since just like us, they don’t also consider them as Muslims. We however use this medium to advise them to accept the saying of the Holy Prophet (SAWA) that anybody who proclaims the Kalimat Shahada is a Muslim, and stop the work of dividing the Muslim Ummah.

“Whether in mourning or celebratory mood, we will always call on the authorities to obey court order and release our leader, Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky from detention. We will not relent in our efforts towards that.