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Bamidele Oloyelogun Speaks On Why He Was Removed As Ondo State House Of Assembly Speaker



Embattled speaker of Ondo state house of Assembly, Bamidele Oloyelogun who on Friday, Nov. the 9th, was impeached alongside his Deputy, Ogundeji Iroju has described the impeachment as illegal.

Naija News understands that Mr Oleyelogun while addressing a news conference in Akure, said the necessary procedure was not followed by those who carried out the impeachment.

He also said the group of lawmakers that endorsed his impeachment did so to cover up their fraudulent act.

He noted that the new speaker who represents Akure North and South state constituency also doubles as the Vice President of the Athletic Federation of Nigeria (AFN).

Their purported speaker on the attempted impeachment, Hon. George Olamide, a fraudulent personality who is currently the Vice President of Athletics Federation of Nigeria (AFN) doubles as the member of Ondo State House of Assembly and is being paid for both. He misled the House of Assembly about the true information of his financial rights from AFN.”

Oloyelogun describes Olamide George as an unpatriotic Nigerian for holding two public offices at the same time.

He’s not a patriotic Nigeria as he engages in holding two public offices at the same time. Panels had been raised to check out this before he led this attempted impeachment on the 9th of November, 2018. I guess he did this to cover up his misdeeds. That’s conflict of interest. “

He insisted that signatures of two of the 18 lawmakers that reportedly signed the impeachment notice were forged.

They claimed to have formed two-third as a condition to impeach the Speaker and the Deputy speaker, whereas they were less in number as Hon. Sunday Olajide and Hon. Oluyede Olusola were not part of the attempted impeachment”

He continued, “It’s interesting to mention that the fraudulent group has two majority leaders in person of Hon. Araoyinbo Olugbenga Joseph and Hon. Fajolu Abimbola Olutope. With this, they do not have any Deputy Speaker as against their claims.

“All the above are enough evidence to proof to the citizen of Ondo State that these people are not peace loving. They don’t care to put the state in problems just for their personal interests. “

He alleged that signatures of two of the lawmakers were forged, and urged the police to probe the alleged falsification.

Meanwhile the Olamide George-led group has cried out over threat to their life and that of their family members. The lawmakers reportedly boycotted the reconciliation meeting called by the governor and has since moved to Ibadan.