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BNYL Warns Restructuring Agitators, Hails Kanu’s return





Biafra Nations Youth League, BNYL has discredited those who are saying the restructuring would end the struggle for Biafra, saying that restructuring cannot kill the desire of the league to see the actualization of Biafra.

This thought is made known in a press statement made available to Naija News on Wednesday.

Princewill Chimezie Richard, National Leader of BNYL, insisted that the promise for restructuring and a Vice President slot will not hinder the desire of the Igbo people to have Biafra.

Chimezie lambasted the people parading themselves as leaders and mouthpiece of the people of the region, saying they have not moral right to do so.

“They have nothing to campaign about than trying to win votes using the ongoing struggle as an opportunity, we know they will only end up being disgraced.

We will rubbish those who would come back after 2019 to shout Biafra, we are carefully watching and observing how they are using using Biafra for politics making it look as if it is politically motivated”. the statement says.

Meanwhile, the group has reacted to the recent reemergence of the runaway leader of indigenous people of Biafra, IPOB, Nnamdi Kanu and his recent threats to return with hell in Nigeria.

“We are happy he was not killed during military raids in South East, we were part of those that risked the lives of our members to Abia State during that unfortunate incidence, and we fully know he was not apprehended by the Military contrary to the believe of many.

As for his recent interview and threats to return with hell, we will only urge him to be prepared in all ramifications, because his first return was with Radio, and nothing aside that”. the statement says.

BNYL said it has nothing against Kanu aside that his followers embark on false propaganda

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