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Lana Del Rey Attacks Azealia Banks For Her Statement On Twitter




Lana Del Rey, who has being keeping quiet about Azealia Banks‘s statement on Twitter, has finally taken time out to reply her.

The drama started last week, when Lana Del Rey dragged Kanye West over his #MAGA tweets and Azealia Banks demanded that the singer apologises to the rapper.

Many people got riled by Banks’ rant, and Lana ignored the rapper, until today when she tweeted at Azealia, saying, “U know the addy. Pull up anytime. Say it to my face. But if I were you—I wouldn’t,” Lana wrote. “I won’t not fuck you the fuck up. Period.

Lana also wrote, “u coulda been the greatest female rapper alive but u blew it. don’t take it out on the only person who had ur back.”

See tweet below:

Azealia responded as usual with tweets body-shaming the singer, and Lana responded by offering her “surgeon’s number.”

Azealia had threatened to sue, but Lana Del Rey did not back down.

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