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Buhari Is Still Behaving Like A Military Leader – Lamido Speaks



Buhari Has Not Changed Since 1983

Dr Sule Lamido, a Peoples Democratic Party, PDP presidential aspirant has admonished Nigerians to support the PDP to rescue Nigerians from the claws of President Muhammadu Buhari and the All Progressives Congress, APC.

He opined that Buhari removed the political class and put them in prison in 1983, after he staged a coup, adding that he “is the same Buhari doing the same thing, today, dehumanizing humanity.”

Lamido said this yesterday, while addressing Edo State delegates ahead of the October National Convention, of the party. He said “For us to have a country which belongs to all Nigerians in a federation, we must have equal rights and opportunity. Every Nigerian has the right to access power whether from the North or South.

“PDP made some mistakes. Some of its members were reckless but they are humans. Time will cure us because they are humans. Some us are calling Buhari’s name because we don’t have institutions. The economy is very weak, no security, no bureaucracy, and no standing institutions to protect all of us in terms of justice and fairness. One single human being is appropriating Nigeria as if it is his own.

“Today, this party of saints called the APC is a party of pains, hunger, anger and evil and where are we today? It is a party which has no historical foundation, no philosophy, ideology”

“Today, we are more divided as a people. There is more poverty in the country than it was in the past; more pains and agonies. APC has no history like the PDP. It is a mere political contraption.

“Buhari and the APC have no vision, no human compassion and all they like doing is to inflict pains on Nigerians. They want to destroy people’s living standard to a level that they will all become perpetually poor.

Leadership is geared towards raising people, motivate and give hope and confidence. All those that makes APC government thick are former PDP members.

“They are former governors, senators, ministers, ambassadors among others. The PDP you maligned is now the prominent members of the party and if you says we are thieves, then the government in Abuja is of evil people.

“The former PDP members are the ones that produce the APC government in Abuja. Then how do we build a nation by maligning each other’s where there is no love, respect. Leadership is about that human feeling in you, the feeling of care and compassion. When you see poverty, you feel it.

“Nigeria is for us and not for APC, Lamido or for PDP, as such nobody can come and destroy the country. Be on the watch out. My aspiration is not a desperation. But you and I have been in PDP. We have been demoralized, gone through hell, coerce but yet we never left the party.”

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