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Russian Advert Tagging Small Breasts As “Physical Defect” Raise Questions


Russian Advert ( TheGuardian)

Russians Criticize Advert For Suggesting Women With Small Breasts Have Defect.

A billboard advert which suggested that  women having small breasts  have a  “physical defect” has sparked outrage among Russians.

The billboard which was put up by a construction company Akvilon Invest shows a woman who is measuring her chest with a tape looking horrified with its message stating “We’ve got small prices and a lot of complexes!”.

Akvilon Invest Advert with the Russian words, “We’ve got small prices and a lot of complexes!”. Photo Meduza

While citizens have said that the advert is a deliberate attempt to body-shame women, Russian paper Moscow Times states that the Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) fined the company for its “offensive image of women”. Also, “expert council found that the advertisement points to physical defects in women (small breasts).”

The opinion of an anti-sexism blogger Nastya Krasilnikova reads;  “I wouldn’t be surprised if the Federal Antimonopoly Service staff don’t even suspect that there’s anything wrong or offensive to women about how they handled this…Probably, the person who wrote this thinks it’s perfectly obvious that a small chest is a physical disability.”

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