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Nine Annoying Things Whatsapp Users Do



Whatsapp is no doubt a social Media Platform that has made social networking and interaction handy and flexible. With the many features that it embodies, the Application based social media has made everybody with a mobile phone obsessed with folks on their contact list. Especially in Nigeria where people like to gist and talk, but the amount they would expand on calls have them retrained.

With Whatsapp, Nigerians now make calls, chat and have video conversation for a little amount of money for data subscription, compare to when they have to make calls directly for N20/minute. The freedom, flexibility and fair price Whatsapp affords, has made most users abuse the platform with a lot annoying activities.

1. Sending messages With Threats: Some messages on Whatsapp are accompanied by threats in order to instigate the recipients of the messages to share them with their contact. These messages are mostly religious in nature sent by some unknown fellows believed to be clerics or religious leaders. These messages are so common placed that a days does not go by without you seeing them on a group page, or somebody sending them to you, some have these messages on their status. It is not uncommon to see messages ending with “if you do not share this message, you might lose your loved ones,” or “You will die in three days if you don’t pass this on”, another is “share this message with twenty people in your contact, to have God’s favour this week”.

2. Bombarding You With Unsolicited messages: Most Nigeria Whatsapp users think they are helping people by sending messages you didn’t subscribe for, messages that do not added any value to one’s live, only for it to deplete the reservoir of data you are trying as much as you can to preserve. The worst part is that the same message would be sent to your directly and also be forward to all the groups you belong to by the same person. Some of these messages are like epistles, too voluminous to read in a day.

3. Strange and Graphic Images and Videos: One other thing our whatsapp people are notorious for is the fact that they sent you too many graphic and disturbing images and video. They don’t care if your children would have access to these unpalatable contents or if the content would make you vomit the meal you just taken, or lose your sleep, all they do is sent, without asking themselves if the content is appropriate for consumption.

4. Fake News and Unconfirmed Reports: The magnitude of fake news on social media platforms is not only alarming but also annoying. With this in mind, there is no gainsaying that Whatsapp is the number one culprit with regards to fake news, obviously because the spread of information is not hampered, neither is it regulated, unlike other social media platforms, especially web based platforms like Facebook, Twitter and the rest. In fact anybody who wants to spread a false report as fast as possible, would pick whatsapp as a vehicle and whatsapp people as the drivers for his or her propaganda.

5. Adding You To Groups You Didn’t Ask To Be Added To: This is really annoying. Almost every Whatsapp users have experienced this. Without asking if you are interested in joining a group, one of your contact would add you to it. it is even more disheartening if your interest does not correlate to the scope of the groups.

6. Bombardment With Pictures and Videos: if, like me you are trying to manage your data, because you subscribe once a month and you don’t intend to do so until the end of the month when salary comes in, some people who are obsessed with taking picture and forwarding videos would frustrate you. As some point you would consider uninstalling you Whatsapp app because you will see pictures and videos inundate your status.

7. Copy/Paste Materials Without Reference: Most Whatsapp people don’t know the source of the messages or materials they read, basically because their is no reference to this regard. Even though they know those who forward the messages to them, they don’t know those to be held responsible if the messages are libellous or untrue. Even the person who wrote the piece would not be credited for his/her work.

8. The Whatsapp Noise Makers: If I am asked to write the makes of noisemakers on Whatsapp, some folks on my contact would be regular customers. This folks would like to keep chatting with you even if you are out of breath. They are the same set of people who would make a group platform look like a joke. They send messages that are totally out of the scope of the group, initiate senseless discussions and cause you to wake up the next morning to see 897 unread messages. This make it hard to sort out genuine and important messages from superfluous and senseless ones.

9. The Whatsapp Snubs: Some individual on Whatsapp make you feel stupid when you sent them messages that they obviously read, but they take hours or days to reply, or even fail to reply. These people, mostly ladies who feel they are too pretty to be spoken to, would be online when you send them the message, but still would not read or reply the message.