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Buhari’s Government Not Interested in Sharing Money – Minister



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Lai Mohammed, the Minister of Information and Culture has said that the priority of President Muhammadu Buhari administration is to provide the basic needs of Nigerians, not to share money.

The Minister said that the federal government is interested in investing in the infrastructural facilities  that would impart the economic positively than sharing money to people and political stooges like the previous administration did.

According to The Nation, the minister made this known at Tatabu village near Mokwa in Niger State while inspecting the reconstructed and rehabilitated Ilorin-Jebba- Mokwa road project.

“Yes, people are complaining of no money and high cost of living, but I want to tell you that it would have been worse today but for the massive infrastructural development this government is investing on,” the minister said.

The 93.6 km road project comprise of the complete reconstruction of Ilorin /Jebba road and rehabilitation of failed portions from Jebba to Mokwa.

According to him, the northern part of the country and the South-West geo-geographical zone aare connected by this road.

“When people make these complaints, they easily forget that for 16 years, one political party was in power, sharing money, when this road became completely failed.

“APC, in three years, has fixed this road to this level. I think it speaks for itself.

“Before now, it would take about five days for trucks to move from Ilorin to Jebba. Today, it takes only two hours.

“Today, on this road, you can see free movement of goods and services which is the beginning of revival of the economy.”

“We are not a government that will share money like what others did which put the country in a mess.

“This government believes in investing in infrastructure because if you get this right, it will translate to wealth creation.

“Let us take for instance: if this road contract costs N10 billion and we share it to political stooges in this area at N1 million each, we will only give 1,000 people and there will be no road.

“On the long run, those that we shared the money to will join in abusing the government of non-performance.

“On our part, we will rather slowly and painstakingly revive our economy through infrastructural development and we have a lot of stories to tell on this.” he said.

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