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Two Years Old Toddler Smokes About 40 Cigarettes Per Day



Maryati, 35, an Indonesian has revealed that her two-year-old son, Rapi Ananda Pamungkas, smokes about 40 cigarettes per day.

The kid, according to UK Sun, developed the habit at a very young age when he began to pick up the butt of used cigarette  outside his mum’s market stall in hill station resort of Sukabumi.

The mother said that the toddler started demanding cigarettes from passers-by.

His mother says, he becomes aggressive and throws tantrums whenever he is not given cigarettes. To calm him, Maryati now buys at least two packs of cigarettes every day to stop him from going ”beserk”.

”My child is used to smoking while drinking coffee and eating cake.

“If I don’t give him a cigarette, my child goes berserk.”

“If Rapi doesn’t get cigarettes he cannot sleep. He will start rampaging and crying.

“It’s expensive, because we have to buy them for him. He likes to do it all day. He can smoke about 40 every day.” she said.

The father of the toddler Misbahudin, 40, who disclosed that he also smokes, said he wonders where his son got his smoking habit from.

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