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NLC Pleads With African Leaders To Fight Corruption To Hasten Development



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NLC Pleads With African Leaders To Fight Corruption To Hasten Development

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The Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) has called on Africa leaders to join forces in fighting corruption in various countries and in all ramifications, stating that it has become necessary for the development of the continent.

Mr Ayuba Wabba, NLC president said this in a statement to mark the Africa Union Anti-Corruption Day with the theme: ‘Winning the Fight against Corruption: A Sustainable Path to African Development.

“We believe that corruption is a monster that must be confronted head-long if Africa is to make any headway or be taken seriously in the comity of nations.

“For us, this fight must go beyond the symbolism of marking the day to demonstrable commitment by leaders of African countries and other office holders.

“Corruption is a reprehensible crime that should be stamped out,” he said.

Wabba said corruption is the most pressing concern of government and development of the nations in the continent, as it has continued to affect growth, development and increase situations of unemployment.

Wabba also noted that others are collapsed energy systems and capacities, massive production deficits and near absence of social justice.

The NLC president said corruption has also created situations of strife or exacerbated them as was the case with the Boko Haram insurgency under the previous governments.

“Thus, it is clearly evident that the high incidence of corruption in Africa represents a direct threat to its progress, stability and well-being.

“We find it heartening that AU has not only recognised the enormity of this problem, but has set aside a day as a perpetual reminder and symbol of the fight against corruption,” he said.

Wabba also said that NLC has organied sensitisation workshops and has also called for special anti-corruption courts and imposition of capital punishment for serious corruption cases.

He, however, said the Thabo Mbeki report on Illicit Financial Flows in Africa has clearly revealed that humongous corruption goes on in both public and private sector-settings.

According to him, this underscores not just the severity of the incidence of corruption; it presents a picture of hopelessness of the African condition.

But we need not despair if we are determined or committed to deal with corruption.

“It is on this note that we at the NLC enjoin all those who want to see a new Africa to rise with one accord and fight corruption today.

“That is African leaders, multi-nationals, Western Financial Institutions, all of us,” he added.

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