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Plateau Killings: Hon Ahmed Maje’s Statement Must Be Investigated – MURIC




MURIC disagrees with CAN

Prof Ishaq Akintola (File Photo)

House Of Rep Member Reveals Politicians Behind Plateau Killings

Hon. Ahmed Maje, a member of the House of Representatives, recently disclosed that politicians were behind the killings in Plateau State. He also claimed he had ample evidence to support his claim and that a report on this had earlier been submitted but nobody did anything about it.

Reacting to this revelation, the Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC) said in a statement issued on Monday, 9th July, 2018 and signed by its director, Professor Ishaq Akintola, and made available to Naija News, that it is greatly agitated by the disclosure.

“This is a matter concerning security of lives and properties. The precious lives of our people are being wasted as if they are mere flies or cockroaches. It is callous, insensitive and inhuman. Hon. Maje’s claims must be investigated immediately. We suggest that a powerful commission of inquiry must be instituted for this purpose.

Speaking during plenary in the House of Representatives, Hon. Maje had said, “I want to tell this House and Nigerians that about 300 people were trained in Israel, it’s there in our report, we gave it to the government to work on and find out those sponsoring them. Till today, nobody has been traced and these people are the ones who go about killing people. I’m giving you this and I’m willing to surrender these documents.

“A company in Plateau State did importation and about four containers were missing and when we traced as a committee what was in those containers, we were told that the containers were taken to the house of a politician. When we traced the name of the company it was a security company in Israel. They bought arms.

“We do not want to say the truth and this will continue to hunt and bedevil us. The truth of the matter is that there are some politicians behind these killings. I’m from Plateau State and I’m saying those behind this are politicians and I know I’m putting my life on the line by saying this, but I prefer to die and save others. I’m willing to surrender some of these documents”.

Commenting on Maje’s allegation, MURIC’s statement said in part, “The above revelation is quite disturbing. Reference has been made to four missing containers. The four containers were traced to the house of a politician in Plateau State. Further investigations revealed that the containers were imported from an Israeli company which manufactures arms.

“There is more to six than seven. Even a six year old can deduce a connection between the four missing containers with arms which were traced to the house of a politician in Plateau State and other arms-laden containers which were intercepted by customs in various boarders.

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