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Death On Rampage In Nigeria, And Other Matters Arising



Fulani Herdsmen Reportedly Kills 100 In Benue

The calamitous events in the past weeks have shown us that Nigerians’ sense of humanity is being called to question and the collective responsibility to lead our lives for others has become an archaic ideal. The violence perpetuated in Nigeria have called for deep reflections for us to understand the repercussion of the constant bloodletting and killing in the country. The killings, attacks and death has become common place that most Nigerians and indeed the government have learn to shrug the news, especially if they are not directly affected.

Death in Nigeria is so cheap that one doesn’t need to have a kobo before it seeks one. Every region of the country experience loss of life every day, in the North East, Boko Haram seems to be the perpetrator of the distribution of death, the North Central is haunted by faceless and suspected Fulani Herdsmen who are blame for the deaths in the region, the North west have all manner of diseases to deal with. South east experience communal clashes every other day, so also other region. In fact, you will be thankful as a Nigerian not to be the subject of the morning news

The rate of mortality on a daily bases is alarming. According to a report by Vangaurd Newspaper on the 11th of March 2018, violent deaths claim the lives 1,351 persons within 10 weeks. In the same vain, an International Non-governmental organisation, Relief Web hinted that 3,000 Nigerians die of hunger and poverty on a daily bases. Also, the National Bureau of Statistics declared that in the first six months of 2017, 15 persons lost their lives on our roads every day. In the same vain, the Minister for Health, Prof. Isaac Adewole disclosed that cancer and Malaria claim the lives of 27 persons and 30 children respectively every day in Nigeria. This painful rate of mortality in the country should be an aberration if the Nigerian people and government place the necessary value on human life by doing the right things.

The recent devastating inferno on Lagos’ Otedola Bridge that led to the death of about 9 people including a minor has brought to fore the rate of self-centeredness among Nigerians. The individuality and selfish nature Nigerians have groomed over time have left us without concern for any other persons apart from ourselves and our loved once. Loss of lives would continue to reoccur until we galvanize support for those involved in the crises and also force the government to do the needful in order to prevent the repeat of these mishaps.

The Nigerian government have not shown enough concern about the continue depletion of human lives on whatsoever guises. The government immediate reaction to crisis is to release a press statement condemning the attack/events and sympathizing with the victims of the attack. but the government, in most cases don’t seem to be doing enough to provide lasting solutions to the strife, only for the same issue to continue to repeat itself. Nigerians are tired of a sympathetic government but proactive one.

This government has for a long time trivialized the issues of incessant killings in the country, at least that what most Nigerians think. The past and present government has always ensured that they pass the buck of the blame to their perceived and real enemy. They blame politicians for being behind the disruption of peace and crises in the country. If indeed those behind these sacrilegious acts are politicians, then the government, instead of pointing fingers should apprehend the so called political destroyers of peace.

Politicians in the country, especially those of the opposition are taking a cue from the government, as they gather political points from these crises; they call the government out for its failure, even though they are as guilty as those in government. For instance, a PDP Presidential Aspirant, on his twitter handle accused government of distributing policemen, employed to secure ordinary Nigerians, among elite, but he also has policemen as his bodyguards. It is sickening those politicians intentionally exploit unfortunate situations to cement their political relevance.

The Apology to the Member of the Public and a spokesperson of Miyetti Allah Cattle herders group by Premium Times Online, have once again affirmed that the Nigerian Media are guilty of fueling the already volatile situation with the unethical manner and method by which they report news about the violence in the country. Some News platforms conjure unconfirmed fictitious stories and feed them to the member of the public with impunity. They report worst situation in the worst possible ways, thereby heighten the level of fear, suspicion, and insecurity and culminating into more violence. Nigerian Lives should not be sacrificed on the altar of patronage.

Also the media have continually failed to report the human angle of any devastating situation, This in other words implies that the media should try to project the silver lining of any cloudy situation, to ensure that hope is brewed among those affected and also breed a sense of solidarity among other Nigerians who would be forced to speak up against violence, thereby preventing future occurrences. CNN report on an Imam who housed and protected Christians in crisis areas in Plateau State from attackers has open the media to a new course in the reporting of crisis situation. The media should set the agenda for peace building through responsible reporting.

Nigerian’s many sentiments; religious, ethnic, political and geographical have fueled most crises in the country. Propaganda sponsored by the elites has always been circulated by the public. Unverified and graphic Pictures and video of violence dismembered bodies are are shared. This has done us no good; they only enhance more hate and anger. There is the need for Nigerians to understand this by truncating the agenda of the hate mongers.

It is unfortunate that the corpse of the dead killed in violence are not event given befitted treatment after death, their sad remains are circulated on social media. They died pathetically and their remains are used to fuel even more violence. The bodies are loaded without body bags like piles of cow meat on vehicles to convey them for mass burial. This unfortunate dead folks deserve better.

The Nigerian security agencies have been accused of compromised by people affected by violence attack over and over again. The Nigerian Military for instance have been accused of siding with the enemy in wrecking more havoc in crisis areas. In fact, top politicians and lawmakers have called for the removal of military chiefs. This is expected because of the continued failure of the military to bring perpetrators to book. This failure to bring to book those who may be directly and directly involved in these attack have made it necessary for the security arrangement of the country should be rejigged to ensure efficiency in the discharge of their duties to the people. The Military should re-position itself to ensure that it does not lose it relevance like the Nigeria Police seems to have.

Nigerians citizen must take a stand against massages from influential public figures provoking and instigate violence or vengeance. They must also give useful information to securities agencies that will help in apprehending the perpetrators. The sponsors of death and in the country should be called out and shamed. No true and patriotic Nigerian should cover the crime of any person because such a person is affiliates to him or her in one way or the other. The problem of killings and attacks all over the country is not the problem of one region of the country, but should be seen as a collective problem and those affected should be seen as family. Nigerians should see their security as their own business.

Source: Naija News

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