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How To Recognize A Good Phone Charger




Unstable battery levels may also indicate that your charger is fake

The next time you decide to plug your phone into a charger, it’s best to ask yourself: is the charger of poor quality? It is not about questioning the life of the product, is that a cheap charger can cause irreparable damage to your phone.

It is not always necessary to pay the prices imposed by the mobile phone manufacturers, as they are usually very high. But we recommend that you seek a guarantee that the device has been produced for the correct model.

In the case of the iPhone, many accessories that are not made by Apple, but made for company products such as headphones and chargers, have a sticker with the inscription MFi, which means “Made for iPhone.”

But how do you know if the charger you use is correct? Here are some signs on the cell phone to find out if the charger you use is suitable, assembled by technology expert Matthew Zieminski from Medium:

– Does not load;

– The battery icon is triggered, but the index is always close to zero;

– Battery lowers rapidly;

– Charging is random: sometimes the mobile charges very fast; in others, it takes too long;

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– The phone turns off when the battery icon reaches a certain percentage.