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No God Father Or Money Bag Would Be Allowed In 2019 – PPC



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We Will Do Things Differently Says Benson Adetona, Chairman Of PPC

Another political party, the Providence People’s Congress, (PPC), was launched yesterday in Lagos, with a promise to change the way politics is been played in Nigeria.

Benson Adetona, Chairman of the party who spoke during the launch of PPC Lagos Chapter noted that the party will operate on the philosophies of  “no godfather, no money bag and there will be no ritual”

“PPC as a political party was formulated on three philosophy, no godfather, no money bag and there will be no ritual. These were the things we saw that have characterized politics of Nigeria that made governance very difficult.

“We set out with these principles and approached Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, around the time All Progressives Congress was trying to get registered.

While decrying the level of killings in the country Adetona said.

“We are experiencing local colonisation on daily basis and people just disregard the rule of law while governance is not how it is supposed to be. Things we usually see in horror films are what we are experiencing today and it appears as if the situation has no solution. Most of the political parties we have in the country have done things the way they know.

“PPC is not to condemn them for what they are. They have given to the nation what they have, but it is time to give the best to the nation and that is why it became necessary for PPC to come out through a very rigorous process of registration.

Whiel Adetona expressed regret that the INEC did not support the party initially, he declared that the the party  has “decided that if we want to make a difference, we must do things differently.

Therefore, we must go through this process, obey the law of our country and give no bribe to anybody along the registration process.”

He explained that PPC was set up to give the common man opportunity to serve the country. “If you want to contest the election in most political parties in the country and you don’t have the money or somebody who is going to pay for you, just forget it. But the implication is that if somebody is paying for you, you can only serve that particular person. “If I want to serve my country, why must I be spending N20 billion? There is something beyond serving if I am going to spend such huge money.

That has been the experience over the years but we the people of Nigeria must stand up and say we cannot continue to live our lives like that. We cannot continue to say unless you give me money I will not vote for you.
We must insist that people vote for the right person,” he said.

While receiving the party’s flag, chairman of the PPC in Lagos, Mr. Oswald Olatunbosun, said that the party represents light which is the only solution to darkness.

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