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63 Okada Men Arrested For Burning Down Police Patrol Vehicle



Okada men Go wild, Burn vehicle of Police in Ikorodu ( Photo File)

Angered Motorcyclists Burn Police Petrol vehicles, 63 Arrested To Be Charged To Court For Arson

The Police have arrested 63 motorcyclists who allegedly set ablaze Police Patrol Vehicle Over the death of a colleague at Ibeshe in Ikorodu area of Lagos, Chike Oti, the police spokesman in Lagos, has confirmed.

News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the incident occurred at Baale junction in Owode area of Ibeshe in Ikorodu area of Lagos.

Naija News gathered that the burnt patrol vehicle was attached to Ipakodo Police Station, another suburb of Lagos.

Sources said that trouble had started on Tuesday night when a patrol team from Ibeshe Division allegedly engaged one of the motorcyclists in a hot chase for failure to pay an undisclosed amount.

“Following the refusal of the deceased to pay the money, he was said to have been chased towards Ibeshe road until he fell into a gutter with his motorcycle.

“The police team immediately ran away with their vehicle, abandoning the fataly injured victim inside the ditch.

“Other motorcyclists immediately drove to the scene and moved the victim to a nearby hospital where he died.

Speaking About the Incident, Chike Oti noted that the 63 Motorcyclists who were arrested for the burning of the Police vehicle will be charged to court for Arson.

Mr Oti said that the unfortunate incident happened at a black spot in Ibeshe, Ipakodo area during an encounter between police officers manning the black spot and a commercial motorcyclist plying the route.

“As he (motorcyclist) approached the police pin down point, the police team observed that he was carrying a passenger with a big bag placed between him and the rider.

“And so they flagged him down but the motorcyclist increased his speed in order to evade police scrutiny.

“Sadly, he ended up in a ditch and passed on. Meanwhile his associate with the suspicious bag vanished into the thin air,” he said.

Mr Oti noted that the riders being sympathetic to their late colleague mobilised in their thousands and attempted to burn the Ibeshe Police Post but were resisted.

He said they then moved and found a softer target which was a police van stationed at a known black spot in Ibeshe and set it ablaze.

“The police authorities in Lagos State wishes to warn all those with the penchant to destroy and loot its property/armoury that henceforth the command will be compelled to use all lawful means including the use of firearms to protect such properties and defend its personnel.

“The police in Lagos will no longer stand by and watch hoodlums destroy government property worth millions of Naira for whatever reason.

Oti also warned that any group of persons with complaints against the police action must follow the civilized way of registering their complaints with the police authorities for appropriate action.

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