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Offa Bank Robbery: I Only Sprayed Bullets, I Don’t Know How Many People Died – Suspect



Scenes from offa Bank Robbery ( photo file)

Offa Bank Robbery: Suspect Reveals That He Killed Policemen On Purpose, Threatens To Kill More

Following the ongoing investigation into the Offa bank Robbery that led to the killing of more than 30, leaders of the robbery gang that attacked banks are reportedly making confessions, following their arrest by the police.

Naija News recalls that the incident which happened on April 5 involved policemen and many innocent bank customers.

At least 22 suspected in connection with the bank robbery, including the ring leaders, are currently detained for investigations.

According to a reliable source, a dismissed Corporal in the Nigeria Police, Mr. Micheal Adikwu, lead the operation.

He was assisted by another leader, Mr. Kunle Ogunleye aka Arrow, and one Abel and others.

They have confessed to the operatives of the Inspector-General of Police Special Intelligence and Response Team (IRT), led by Deputy Commissioner of Police, Mr Abba Kyari.

Adikwu, the dismissed corporal, who organised and led the bank robbery operation has confessed to have killed over 20 people, majority of them policemen.

Adikwu who was formerly working with the Kwara State Police Command, SARS unit, before he was dismissed because he allowed suspected armed robbers detained, to escape and confessed that he had been embittered towards policemen also told IRT operatives that his “killing of the policemen was not a mistake, but quite deliberate.’’

“Adikwu, in prison, has been threatening to the hearing of other inmates, that he will kill as many policemen as possible once he has the opportunity.’’

He is reported to have vowed that he would continue to kill policemen because of his dismissal from the force and be sending him to prison for release robbery suspects.

A member of the gang, Kunle Ogunleye aka Arrow, also confessed to have killed two people.

While another member of the gang, Abel, confessed to be responsible for the death of five.

Abel statements , “I killed five people, but I sprayed bullets on many people. I don’t know if they died. I can only confirm the death of five people, who I witnessed myself.”

“They also confessed to have gone to Offa three times on surveillance mission.

“The police station and banks were carefully studied. Adikwu led the first team to enter the police station, while others stayed outside.

“He confessed he led the three gang members into the station. The four of them walked into the station like they came to lodge a complaint. They concealed their rifles in their clothes and immediately they entered the police station premises, Adikwu opened fire and killed the station guard.”

“He confessed killing nine people in the police station and carried their rifles.

“They confessed to have taken tramadol and other drugs before embarking on the operation. They killed over 30 people on that day.

“After the operation, he went to each of the banks which were being robbed to issue orders. He was captured on CCTV shouting at his members, telling them what to do and what not to do,” the source further said.

Arrow is quoted to have said: “I was among the three people that entered the police station with Adikwu, but I didn’t shoot or kill anyone. It was Adikwu that shot and killed all the policemen. He went from one office to the other, killing everyone. We only gave him cover.”

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