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Teen Bride Sentenced To Die By Hanging For Killing “Rapist” Husband Appeals Death Sentence



Activists Take To Twitter As Teenager Is Sentenced To Death For Killing Unwanted Husband

Activists Take To Twitter As Teenager Is Sentenced To Death For Killing Unwanted Husband

A Sudanese teen, Noura Hussein, who was sentenced to death after killing her husband who tried to rape her twice has appealed the sentence amid growing support from celebrities across various social media platforms.

Recall Naija News reported that 19-year-old Noura is to die by hanging after a Sharia court, which follows Islamic religious laws, found her guilty of planned murder for stabbing her husband when in tried to rape her early in April. She was sentenced earlier this month.

Lawyers in support of Noura said that they filed an appeal yesterday, according to U.S. rights group Equality Now, which has worked with the Khartoum-based Seema Foundation to bring attention to the case.

Also the case drew the attention and condemnation of the United Nations and International rights groups who argued that Noura was a child marriage victim and was just defending her elf when she committed the crime.

“Let it be known here today that Noura was a victim of child marriage, forced marriage, rape and denial of justice,” said a statement by Hussein’s defense team passed on to Equality Now.

“Noura and indeed the women and girls of Sudan have too often been treated as chattels to be traded and given away as though they are property and as though they have no rights,” it said.

Noura refused her husband sex after marriage until he eventually raped her with the help of three of her relatives who held her down while he committed the act.

A day after, Noura’s husband attempted to commit again, but she stabbed him to death in the process.

Hussein had a 15-day period to appeal following her sentencing on May 10.

Celebrities from model Naomi Campbell to actresses Emma Watson and Mira Sorvino have promoted an online campaign to rescue the teenager, adopting the hashtag #JusticeForNoura in Twitter messages of support.

“Her life hangs in the balance,” said Sorvino in a tweet on Tuesday.

Source: Naija News

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