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10 Year Old Impregnated By Step-Father Refuses Abortion



Students rape teacher
Girl raped by step-father

Rape Case

Ten Year Old Who Was Raped By Step- Father In Argentina Refuses Activists’ Idea Of Abortion

A ten-year-old girl in Argentina has been found to be 21- weeks pregnant by her step-father who raped her.

Current legislation allows terminations in the event of rape or danger to the mother’s health, but in conservative Salta province, where the girl lives, abortion in case of rape is permitted only during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy.

According to authorities in that province, the girl and her mother declined an abortion in a letter — but feminist activist Mariana Carvajal has expressed doubts about that version of events.

Carvajal, founder of the feminist NiUnaMenos movement against gender-based violence told Nigeria News that the family is terrified. “They told the mother than an abortion was very risky. What we don’t know, is what the girl thinks. An abortion is still possible,”she said

Carvajal added the child was first hospitalized in February, during the first 12 weeks of her pregnancy, but was diagnosed with constipation.

It was during the second visit that she revealed she was regularly raped by her mother’s partner.

According to Unicef, 2,700 girls aged 10 to 14 give birth every year in Argentina.

Argentina is planning a congress that will vote on decriminalizing abortion on June 13, with opposition from the Church, most people approve of the proposed legislation, according to polls.

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