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Standard Gauge: Work Begins On Lagos Corridor, June – Amaechi



Amaechi Gives Update On Construction Of Lagos-Calabar Railway

The Minister of Transport, Mr. Rotimi Amaechi, has said that work will begin on the Lagos corridor of the Lagos-Ibadan standard gauge by June in order to meet the December delivery deadline of the project.

The added that the Lagos State government have been helpful in seeking for solutions to the challenges that is serving as an impediment to the pace of the project.

During the Project inspection of the project in at Papalanto, in Ogun State, Amaechi listed gas and petroleum pipeline, water and sewage removal as well as other structures as among the challenges besetting the project.

Assessing the pace of work, Amaechi concluded that work has moved speedily from Ijoko, to Ibadan, Oyo State capital.

“We have made appreciable speed between Papalanto and Ibadan and in order not to affect our deadline, we need to resume work in Lagos,” Amaechi said

The Minister didn’t only commenced the laying of beams of two bridges at Papalanto, said the contractor has not only made appreciable progress in the kilometre of tracks laid.

Amaechi disclosed that 17 bridges are to be constructed between Papalanto and Ibadan, while two would be coming up in Lagos, though he could not confirm how many kilometres of tracks have been laid.

We agreed a long time ago that while we (Federal Government) would take care of the gas and petroleum pipelines, Lagos would taken care of the replacement of the water and sewage removal.

“If Lagos refuses to come up with their solutions, we would be left with no choice but to use our old, narrow gauge alignment, which can accommodate what we wanted to do and leave Lagos to look for another alignment when they are ready to commence their Red Line light rail project.” he said

But after the meeting Amaechi admitted much grounds has been covered and Lagos has come up with a workable solution.

“We have agreed that Lagos State should come back to the meeting within the next two weeks with their solutions so that work can resume as scheduled on the Lagos corridor by June” Amaechi stated.

Amaechi disclosed that the engineers have assured that the project will not be hindered by natural reality like rainfall and other situation.

He said the CCECC has assured that it would keep to terms and deliver the project by December.

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