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Tons Of Protesters Storm Amnesty International, See Why



Tons Of Protesters Storm Amnesty International, See Why

The office of Amnesty International in Abuja today was today stormed by tons of protesters who said the military was being blackmailed human right group.

The protestants carried placards with various inscription as they stormed the front of the office this morning.

The protest comes 24 hours to the launch of ‘‘They Betrayed Us: Women who survived Boko Haram subject to violence and abuse in Nigeria”.

The organisation in a statement yesterday, said Boko haram’s conflict in the north-eastern parts of Nigeria has caused women to flee their homes

It shows the systematic patterns of violence and abuse against the women and how they have been affected in disproportionate or gender-specific ways and continue to face ongoing discrimination and violence,” the statement read.

One of the organisation’s official who spoke with newsmen of the records said the protest was staged managed

This is not a coincidence. We are launching the report tomorrow and they came here today,” the official said.

That was the same style they used last year. We refuse to be intimidated.”

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