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Atiku Proffers Education As Solution To Drug Abuse Among Youths



Atiku Proffers Education As Solution To Drug Abuse Among Youths

Titilayo Atiku-Abubakar

Mrs Titilayo Atiku, the wife of the former Vice President Atiku Abubakar,  has stated that a proper educational system for the Nigerian youths would solve the problem of drug abuse among youths.

This she said during the FCT academic award organised by Mobilisation of Schools and Students for Excellence (MOSSSEX) project ceremony today.

She said that for youth to be able to harness their full potentials, they need to embrace education in the modern era.

She called on the Nigerian government to properly educate the Nigerian youths on the harmful effect of drug abuse on the youths.

“Education is the in-thing now, the youths should try to go to school and be interacting with one another.

“Nigerian youths are vibrant; they have potential, so we should create awareness on the dangers of drug abuse.

‘’We should let them know that if they indulge in drug abuse they will not be leaders tomorrow,” she said.

Atiku who has been remarkable for her fights against women trafficking and child labour in the past 19 years, commended the MOSSAEX projects for targeting the ypung people.

Dr Hassan Suleiman, the FCT UBEB Deputy Director in charge of Public Private Partnership commended MOSSAEX project, noting that the project unlock their full potential and motivated them to achieve academic excellence.

“The competition stimulate academic excellence among our students, this will give them the opportunity to explore their potential which are actually hidden,” he said

He disclosed that the ongoing school feeding in the country would soon start in Abuja.

He noted that school feeding stimulates and encourages enrollment in public schools, stating that children would get to eat, as some parents cannot afford to feed their children.

Suleiman stated that all schools would benefit after the process was completed.

Mr Chidi Chukwuma, the Coordinator MOSSAEX project said the project was aimed at taking education of a child beyond what the teachers could offer.

He commended the students for outstanding performances during the debate competition which motivated the inauguration of Petitkelvin Leadership Club to train and groom the youngest leaders.

We decided to inaugurate petitkelvin leadership club to produce the youngest leader in the next 13 years,” she said.

Kelvin noted that the move was to take cover by educating the children on what leadership entailed and prepare them for leadership roles.

That 60 schools across the FCT participated in the Mathematics and English debate competition.

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