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Pope Francis Appoints 14 New Cardinals From Five Continents



Pope Francis names 14 new cardinals from five continents

Pope Francis names 14 new cardinals from five continents

Pope Nominates 14 News Cardinals For The Catholic Church

Pope Francis has promised to elevate 14 churchmen from five continents to the rank of cardinal who work with the poor or where Catholics are in a minority and putting his stamp on the group that will elect his successor.

The pope made the surprise announcement during his weekly Sunday address. He said the ceremony to elevate the nominees, known as a consistory, would take place on June 29.

Eleven of the group are under 80, the age limit for entering the secret conclave that will be called to elect a new pope once Francis dies or retires.

These new appointments will bring the number of so-called elector cardinals to 125, five more than the limit of 120 established by Pope Paul VI for a conclave. Francis will have named almost half of the group since becoming pontiff in 2013.

It will also be Francis’s fifth consistory and he has used each occasion to show support for the Church where Catholics are in a tiny minority, in this case Iraq, Pakistan and Japan.

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