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IGP VS Saraki: The Facts, Questions and Reactions



Send Officers On Offa Robbery Case To My Office - Saraki Replies IGP
Stop Interfering With Police Investigation - IGP Reacts To Saraki Over Murder Allegations

Senate President Bukola Saraki and IGP Ibrahim Idris (Photo Credits: Vanguard Ngr)

Is Senate President Bukola Saraki Hiding Something From The Public, Or Is There Something The Police Boss, Ibrahim Idris Is Not Telling Everyone?

It is barely a few days after the case of Inspector general of Police, Idris Ibrahim’s  repeated refusal to appear before the senate  retorting that members of the senate  have criminal intentions.

When Dr. Bukola Saraki also raised the alarm that the Police Chief is trying to implicate him, saying that Governor Ahmed of Kwara hinted him that some suspected cultists have been moved to Abuja with the intention of making statements that will implicate him.

According to a statement presented to the senate during the plenary on Wednesday this week.

“My state Governor, Dr. Abdulfatai Ahmed revealed to me an information at his disposal that a group of suspects who had been in police cells for several weeks for cultism and whose investigation had been concluded with prosecution about to commence under the State law based on the advice of the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) and the Ministry of Justice were ordered to be transferred to Abuja this morning”

“….his plan, as the Governor was made to understand is that, under duress, the suspects would be made to alter the statements they already made in Ilorin. They will then be made to implicate the Kwara State Government, and in particular, myself, in their new statement”

First, Saraki’s Governor Ahmed of Kwara State, seemingly comes to the rescue to ascertain that dear Senate president Bukola Saraki as well as himself are not linked to the suspected cultist case, In the statement issued,

Gov. Ahmed had described some untold insinuation as false and misleading, lilinking” him and Mr Saraki “with the suspected cultists arrested in Ilorin, the state capital and transferred by the Nigeria Police to Abuja.”

Now turn of events  brings the questions, who made the insinuation, when, what insinuations,  why was the insinuations  made,.. This is because up till now no one is yet to know the basis of this story  other than that the Senate president raised the alarm of the IG to implicate him.

Why doesn’t Mr. Saraki wait for the roping or an allegation before raising alarm himself or is there more to the matter than meet the eyes?

Following the cross fire between the duo, there has been a seeming defence  and loyalty shown by members of the  All Progressive Congress in Kwara, warning the IG to stop misleading Nigerians

Unsurprisingly, the main opposition party, People Democratic Party (PDP)  also raised voice to describe the allegations among other issues as an assault against democracy, stating that the party has  taken  “judicious note of assertions by the Senate President that the said plot is allegedly being hatched by the Inspector General of Police, Mr. Idris Ibrahim, “to settle scores” with the Senate over its recent declaration that he is not fit to hold public office”.

In all of these, The IG is yet to directly implicate Mr Saraki, but he is seen retorting and replying the senate president with warnings of  “don’t interfere with police investigations”

Furthermore as we speak, The police chief has not attended to any summons of the Senate.

Can the conclusion be made that the Senate president’s alarm is false, misleading or cautious, proactive…

Meanwhile  Lai Mohammed’s fingers have also been linked to the issue prompting more questions on the issue on ground.. suggesting that there is more  to the matter than meets the eye.

With lawmaker Saraki and law enforcement boss, Idris is at war, who will come to the rescue, shall we wait for the 9-man committee set up to give a report?

And who would President Muhammadu Buhari as well as Vice President Yemi Osinbajo defend? their dear police boss or their man, the President of the Senate?

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