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Israel Pledges To Strengthen Bilateral Relationship With Nigeria



Israel to collaborate with Nigeria to boost growth

Isreali Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu

Israeli Envoy Promises Technological Help To Nigerian Farmers

The Ambassador of Israel to Nigeria, Mr Guy Feldman, has pledged the commitment of the  Isreali government to continually support Nigeria and strengthen its bilateral relationship.

Mr Feldman who made this known in an interview called for more collaboration in agriculture with better irrigation techniques.

“Some parts of Nigeria have similar arid land features as Israel therefore, Israel and Nigeria have a lot to share in terms water management.

“Israel is 60 per cent desert, but with high technology, it is today pumping over 80 per cent of its waste water back to the sea, while losing only two per cent of water.

“These practices are being taught to Nigerians to help those in areas with arid land to improve their agriculture with better irrigation practices.

“Israel is determined and willing to help Nigeria attain economic development and we are achieving that by training Nigerian professionals and sharing our vast knowledge in important segments that will help Nigeria further develop.

“There are many Israeli company managers and operators in Nigeria who are focused on helping Nigerians to improve the performance of agriculture, water management and security within the country, ’’ he said.

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