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Stray Dogs Kill 6 Children In Northern India



Dog Attack In North India Kills Six Children As Farmers And Other Children Flee To their Homes

Packs of stray dogs have attacked and killed six children in Northern India in recent days, sending farmers and children home in fear.

District police chief, Anand Kulkarni who confirmed the incidence said that victims, aged between five and 12 years, were killed in and around Sitapur district in Uttar Pradesh state in the last four days, with a 10-year-old boy being critically injured in the latest attack on Sunday.

These ferocious dogs which roam in packs comprising seven to eight canines have been targeting children.

“At least 12 kids were killed since November with the attacks peaking,’’ Kulkarni said.

The attacks occurred at farms and isolated areas in the district, when children were either grazing their cattle or using outhouse toilets.

The Independent reports that Street dogs have long posed a menace in India’s towns and cities, and civic authorities have reported a huge number of complaints of dog bites.

Incidents of feral dogs killing children and women in other regions in India also occurred once every few months, but this is perhaps the first time that a high number of fatal dog attacks has been reported from one area.

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