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FIFA Planning To Introduce Mini-World Cup Every Two Years



FIFA Proposes Staging Mini-World Cup Every 2 Years

The World Football governing organisation, FIFA has revealed plans to stage what would effectively be a mini-World Cup, featuring eight international teams, every two years in addition to the traditional event.

The FIFA president Gianni Infantino who made this Known today stated that the tournament, known as the “Final 8”, would be the climax of a proposed global Nations League competition.

Infantino also said that it is part of an ambitious plan to reform international football which FIFA believes could be worth $25 billion in a 12-year cycle.

He said that a “solid and serious” group of investors were willing to spend $25 billion on the competition and a revamped version of the Club World Cup, which would also start in 2021 with 24 teams.

The Confederations Cup, currently staged every four years in a year before the World Cup, would be abolished.

Reuters also gathered that the new tournament would take place every October and/or November of every odd year starting from 2021.

However, the letter did not clearly indicate how many slots would be allocated to each region as plans were sent by Infantino to the members of FIFA’s decision-making Council which still has to approve the proposal.

The new competition would run parallel to existing international tournaments such as the European Championship, Copa America, and African Nations Cup, plus the World Cup qualifying stages.

It could lead to criticism that FIFA is over-complicating international football and devaluing its flagship World Cup.

Source: Naija News