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Facebook Served New Lawsuit Over Alleged 50 Fake Post



Facebook Served New Lawsuit Over Alleged 50 Fake Post

Mark Zuckerberg

A personal finance expert, Martin Lewis, who is a frequent guest on British television have sued Facebook today, after he claimed that Facebook had published more than 50 fake posts bearing his name last year.

The complainant who is the founder of MoneySavingExpert, served the US-based social network a defamation lawsuit over publications of advertisements , many of which were used to dupe people of their money.

Lewis said he would donate any damages to charity and hoped the case would set a precedent for similar fake celebrity endorsements.

I’ve had enough of this. It’s affecting my reputation, but more importantly it is affecting real people who are handing over money in good faith while the scammers are raking in the cash,” he said.

“There are customers who have lost a lot of money. Some of them won’t even talk to me because they’ve seen my face on the advert and think it’s me who has scammed them,” he said.

“I hope to open up a legal remedy for other people who have found themselves in the same boat,” he said.

However, Facebook which has denied Lewis’s assertion , said that these types of false endorsements on adverts are widespread.

We do not allow adverts which are misleading or false on Facebook and have explained to Martin Lewis that he should report any adverts that infringe his rights and they will be removed,” the company said in a statement.

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