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RMAFC Says They Are Not Aware Of N13.5m Running Cost For Nigerian Senators



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The Revenue Mobilisation, Allocation and Fiscal Commission (RMAFC), has denied knowledge of the N13.5m running cost for senators, stating that the approved monthly remuneration for a senator is put at N1.06m.

It further stated that the National Assembly Service Commission should be held responsible for the running cost of N13.5m paid to each senator on a monthly basis.

In a statement by RMAFC spokesman, Mr. Ibrahim Mohammed, the commission washed its hands off the senators’ jumbo pay as alleged by Senator Shehu Sani.

Mohammed said, “The law on salaries and allowances of public office holders is very clear and as such it is only the management of the National Assembly Service Commission that can explain the N13.5m running cost allegedly being enjoyed by each senator.

“A closer look at the monthly entitlement of senators reveals that each senator collects salary and allowances in the sum of N1,063,860:00 consisting of the following: basic, N168,866:70; motor vehicle fuelling and maintenance allowance, N126,650:00; personal assistant N42,216:66; domestic staff, 126,650:00; entertainment, N50,660:00; utilities, N50,660:00; newspapers/periodicals, N25, 330:00; wardrobe-N42,216,66:00; house maintenance, N8,443.33:00; and constituency, N422,166:66.

“It is instructive to note that some allowances are regular while others are non-regular. Regular allowances are paid regularly with basic salary while non-regular allowances are paid as and when due. Furniture allowance (N6,079,200:00) and severance gratuity (N6,079,200:00), for instance, are paid once in every tenure while motor vehicle loan (N8,105,600:00) is optional which the beneficiary has to offset before leaving office.

“The payment of running cost is not part of RMAFC’s mandate. Therefore, only the NASS can explain it.

“Thus, the RMAFC also wishes to use this opportunity to state that any other payments enjoyed by any political or public office holders outside those provided in the Remuneration Act of 2008 is not known to the commission and the Chief Accounting Officer of the agencies concerned should explain it.

“To avoid misinformation and misrepresentation of facts capable of misleading citizens and members of the international community, the commission considers it most appropriate and necessary to request Nigerians and any other interested party to avail themselves of the opportunity to access the actual details of the present Remuneration package for Political, Public and Judicial Office holders in Nigeria published on its website: www.rmafc.gov.ng.”

Source: Naija News

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