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Pope To Preform Feet Washing Ritual On Prisoners



Regina Coeli prison, Rome, would be receiving the Pope for the performance of the pre-Easter washing of the feet ritual some inmates in the prison the Vatican announced on Tuesday.

On March 29, Holy Thursday, Francis would visit the prison infirmary, wash the feet of 12 prisoners, and meet with some more inmates, a statement said.

The ritual signifies the gesture that Jesus is believed to have performed for the 12 apostles before the Last Supper, to show that as a leader, Jesus is capable of during things that signifies humility.

A former convent, it has more than 900 inmates, according to the Italian Ministry of Justice.

n 2017, Francis washed feet in a prison outside Rome for Mafia turncoats.

Previously, he performed the ceremony in a juvenile prison, a centre for the disabled, a high security jail and a refugee centre. (NAN)

Just Recently, the Pope called men, who patronise prostitute, criminals and mentally deranged.

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