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Don’t Be Selective, Reveal The Running Cost Of The President And Other Executive Officers Too – Doyin Okupe To Prof Itse Sagay



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Dr. Doyin Okupe, a Former presidential spokesman, has challenged the the Chairman of the Presidential Advisory Committee on Anti-Corruption, Prof. Itse Sagay, to reveal the running cost of the Principal officers of the National Assembly as he has threatened to do.

He, however, added that he should also reveal the running cost of the President, Vice President, Federal Ministers and other top government functionaries as well.

Punch Reports that Dr Okupe, in a statement on Tuesday, said that the credibility of  Prof. Itse Sagay is as stalk if he fails to give the correct figures of the running cost of the top officers of the executive.

Okupe said, “I find the threat by Professor Sagay on allowances and running costs of the leadership of the National Assembly very interesting. It will aid our fight for transparency in public affairs.

“However, he should not be selective. For us to take him seriously, he should include details of the running cost of the office of the President, Vice President, minsters, special advisers, heads of government agencies, parastatals and even himself. Afterall, all the salaries, allowances and running cost come from the same public coffers.”

Okupe also challenged Sagay to disclose how much he is paid, and how much he spends on his numerous trips within and outside the country from funds donated by international agencies.

He said, “For Prof. Sagay to say that the country would explode if he gives out certain figures is inciting, considering the current volatile and tensed situation in the country.

“It will also be interesting if Sagay can tell Nigerians the achievements of his committee in the last 30 months that it has been spending government money.

“With the Corruption Perception Index rating recently released by Transparency International, it does appear that Sagay’s committee has neither helped Nigeria nor the President who set up his committee and funded it with tax- payers’ money.

“Sagay should sit down with members of his committee and develop position papers and policies that will actually help the anti-corruption war and make it more effective.”

Meanwhile, Professor Itse Sagay had, not to long age, said that if he reveal the running cost of Principal officers of the National Assembly, Nigerian would be shock. He said this during his reaction to the revelation by Senator Shehu Sani that each member of the Nigerian Senate gets N13.5 million as running cost every month

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